What Is Landlord Insurance?

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Most home owners don't realize that a home insurance policy and landlord insurance are completely different from one another. A home insurance policy protects a home that you personally live in.  A landlord insurance policy, however, provides coverage for a home that you rent out to others. 

Rental property insurance policies (landlord insurance) provide protection for the dwelling itself plus the option to add additional coverage for personal contents. Personal contents are typically limited to items like a stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, or other appliances.

Who Needs An Indiana Landlord Insurance Policy?

Quite simply....ANYONE that rents out a property that they own to others.

What Does An Indiana Landlord Insurance Policy Cover?

Depending on the insurance company you select your exact policy coverages can vary. Most landlord policies provide protection against standard perils like fire, lightning, explosion, theft, and of course liability coverage.  Before selecting a policy we recommend that you discuss the specific options available with one of our licensed agents.

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